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JERSEY SHORE TOWNS Canvas Art has quickly become our Hottest Seller!  More than likely that’s because so many of you asked us to create it.

It was such Fun to Design and we’re so Happy people love it. Jersey Shore Towns really makes a Statement when you hang it in your Home or Office. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane ~ It’s Great for reminiscing about your favorites places, whether you live there or have visited while on vacation. Of course the weekend trips “Down The Shore” count too.

No problem if your favorite shore towns are not listed because we will customize the design for you. Just let us know below what towns you want to include and which to remove when you place your order.

Have a Look. We’ve even designed one in Landscape Format and plan on releasing this soon. Please contact us if you’d like to purchase one.


Customization Policy:

If you selected a size that has a Custom Design, you must enter your name so we can match it to your order. Then go ahead and give us UP TO FIVE REPLACEMENTS. Enter the town you want removed along with the new town you want to replace it with. Then hit Send.

Please complete this entry before hitting Add to Cart.

If you’ve selected a standard design then you should leave the name and customization request blank.

Note: We will put the new town in the same spot as the one you tell us to remove and use the same formatting (all upper case or upper and lower case combo) to include the new one. We’ve found that this results in the best artwork.

Also Note: As you can see, the longer the name the smaller the characters and vise versa. So for example, if you were to replace Avon-by-the-Sea with Howell then the characters for Howell would result in a lot larger font size (such as BRICK).


Customization Request:

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12×30 inch Framed Custom Design, 12×30 inch Framed Standard Design, 24×60 inch Framed Custom Design, 24×60 inch Framed Standard Design, 8×20 inch Custom Design, 8×20 inch Standard Design


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